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Basements are a great way to add extra living space to your home. Depending on your budget, we can work with a designer and help you make the best use of your space.

Whether it’s a home gym, man cave, home theater, or just looking to expand on your living space by adding a bedroom, bathroom and a family room.

Some of the keys elements to keep in mind when planning a basement renovation are layout, electrical, lighting, heating, ventilation, subfloor and flooring.

Also, it’s essential to have a warm and dry basement so you and your family can enjoy a cozy living space year round. Before any basement project begins you must first determine if the area is completely dry. Water entering through the foundation or footing at any time during the year must be addressed before any renno begins. We always do a full preliminary foundation inspection to determine if a water issue is present. If so, we'll advise you accordingly and present the best options to correct the problem.

Let Cavanagh Brothers Contracting be your guides in the creation of a cozy, beautiful living space for you and your family to enjoy.

"There is no feeling more rewarding than seeing the evolution of a dream home from simple concept and ideas to fully finished construction and knowing that we have achieved absolute customer satisfaction. With our knowledge, experience, passion, ethics and commitment to outstanding workmanship, we can make your new construction project a reality."

The Cavanagh Brothers

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