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Who We Are

Cavanagh Brothers Contracting is a family run business built on a foundation of quality workmanship, integrity, honesty, ethics and an unwavering commitment to total customer satisfaction.

We are 3 brothers of Irish heritage sharing the same love, passion and dedication to our respective trades: Carpentry (Brendan), Heating and Cooling (Kealan) and Plumbing (Connor).

Although each of us has a specific trade expertise we also possess practical working experience in a variety of complimentary cross-trade skills that serve us well on all projects we undertake. Whether new construction or Renos, Cavanagh Brothers has you covered.

All In The Family

Our combined expertise and close collaboration allows us to effectively manage and execute a diverse range of new construction and renovation projects without the need to hire unknown and unproven third party sub-contractors which is common practise amongst our competitors.

We eliminate that potential risk many home owners face as all the necessary skills and expertise to complete a successful residential project exist between the three of us.

Our approach consistently yields outstanding results and happy customers as each job is completed on time and on budget.

Passion & Experience

"As the oldest brother, Carpentry has always been my greatest passion in life. It started when I was a young child with my parents who enjoyed flipping properties. By high school I was already working for a local home builder and have been active in the industry ever since.

The many years of dedication and hard work have honed my skills in all specialized areas of carpentry including framing, roofing, finishing and customized woodwork."

"This vast and diversified experience has allowed me to evolve into a well rounded general carpenter with a full theoretical and practical understanding of all aspects relating to residential construction."

"There is no feeling more rewarding than seeing the evolution of a dream home from simple concept and ideas to fully finished construction and knowing that we have achieved absolute customer satisfaction. With our knowledge, experience, passion, ethics and commitment to outstanding workmanship, we can make your new construction project a reality."

The Cavanagh Brothers

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